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7 book bestsellers important to read before the end of the year

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The year is slowly but surely coming to an end. It’s time to check your internal compass and start preparing landmarks for the New Year. Today we have prepared for you a selection of 7 bestsellers of this year, which will help you recharge with new ideas and tune in the right way.

“A Conversation with Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell

Immediately after its release in September 2019, Malcolm Gladwell’s book became the # 1 bestseller and the best-selling non-fiction book on Amazon. In his book, Malcolm Gladwell uses real-life examples to show the sometimes tragic consequences of misunderstanding, condemnation of strangers, and the conviction of one’s righteousness.

The Book of Undead by Mark Manson

This book is read in one go. Its main point is that we are too complacent to be critical of both our desires and our hopes, as a rule, selfish and far from reality. Mark Manson advises to have the courage to live without illusions, without fear to accept the thought of the finiteness of your existence and to treat others with understanding and respect, as well as yourself.

The “distracted” Nir Eyal

In her book The Uninterrupted, Nir Eyal addresses the issues of deteriorating ability to focus on work, the impact of technology on a person and increasing dependence on it. Despite the fact that many books and articles have been written on these topics, Eyal’s book is notable for the fact that the author suggests first understanding the true reasons for our susceptibility to distractions, and then adopting the methods of neutralizing them.

“Ultralearning” by Scott Young

This book brings together all the effective methods of rapid learning. The author’s system is designed not so much for learning fans as for ordinary people, students and professionals. Many people suddenly decide to change their profession or learn a new skill within it. Someone dreams of adding a new skill to the existing ones, perceiving each unexplored skill as a challenge. Therefore, you will definitely need superfast learning.

“Alchemy. The Amazing Science of Brands, Business and Life “Rory Sutherland

In her book, Rory Sutherland shows that human behavior does not fit into the strictly logical framework into which adherents of accurate mathematical models are trying to drive it. The actual behavior of people that refutes economic theories may be called irrational, but in reality it may have quite reasonable evolutionary reasons.

“Coup. The Turning Points of Nations in Crisis “Jared Diamond

All countries have a lot in common, for example, the inertia that must be overcome for decisive action. If the crisis develops gradually, inertia is stronger, if it occurs suddenly, then the motivation for action is stronger. Sometimes leaders play an important role in getting out of a crisis (or getting into it), but this depends on the type of leader and the type of crisis. Today the whole world is facing global problems, but at the same time institutions are developing to solve these problems.

“Mom’s Last Embrace” Frans de Waal

The ideas in this book are worth reading to get to know yourself and your emotions better: where they come from, why we experience them. To understand that we are surrounded by an incredibly diverse and wonderful world, and the animals that inhabit it, are capable of experiencing very complex emotions. We must learn to understand and respect this world.

Read every day. Read only the best books!

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