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Beauty and Personal Care

Clean beauty: products with harmless ingredients in it

When it comes to skincare, you only want what’s best for your skin, right? So why use products with chemicals and countless ingredients in it you can not even pronounce? In that case, you should definitely try clean beauty. Then you are sure of avoiding all ingredients that are bad for your skin and the environment. Clean beauty refers to both natural and synthetic ingredients, either plant-based or lab-made beauty formulas. All ingredients in products that can be labeled as ‘clean’, including non-toxic synthetics, are shown to be safe to use. Your skin will be able to process, accept and recognize it. Besides that, your skin will not irritated of it.

A brand that will blow your expectations away

Are you interested in clean beauty and would you like to try these products? Get to know LALO®! They are dedicated to making powerful formulas that do what they promise, but without any dirty ingredients which are linked to possible adverse health and environmental effects. Their products are formulated with solely non-toxic ingredients, according to clean beauty. Besides clean beauty, they also have skincare infused with CBD. CBD is a true herbal hero that is taking over the world of beauty by storm. And for good reasons! It can benefit your skin in several ways and it is said to be a powerful soother for all kinds of problem skin. Do you suffer from acne, eczema, flaking, dry skin?  Cannabinoids are hailed to help heal overly sensitive skin, redness or inflamed conditions. That is why CBD is an ingredient you absolutely want in your skincare products!

Order your new favorite products

Would you like to give CBD skincare a try? Or are you interested in clean beauty and vegan products? Discover the web shop of LALO® and see all the products they have to offer. Order the products easily online and upgrade your skincare routine!