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Comfortable synthetic dreadlock extensions that look great

Have you always wanted a full head of dreadlocks? But are you unsure your own hair is the right type to make into dreadlocks? Or are you unwilling to commit that much to it? Either way, synthetic dreadlock extensions are a great solution. These look just as great as regular dreads and stay looking great for months, provided you take good care of them and purchase high-quality extensions. Next to that, they are very lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it does not matter what kind of hair you have, because they can be applied to both thick and fine hair and anything in between. It is important, though, to not put too many extensions in your hair when it is of a finer structure. This could cause breakage, which is something you want to prevent, of course.

Purchase your extensions from an expert that offers high-quality dreads

If you are looking for high-quality synthetic dreadlock extensions you should check out the web shop of Dreadshop. This expert offers many different extensions in a variety of colors, thicknesses and lengths. Thanks to the extensive choice there is always an option that suits your style and hair color perfectly. Next to that, there are various dreadsets to choose from, which come with everything you need to apply the extensions to your hair. There are sets for a full head, half head and accents, which means there is always a set that meets your demands. It is even possible to create your own set, should none of them fulfill all your wishes.

Order your dreadlock extensions online

Check out the web shop of Dreadshop and order everything you need for a full head of dreads online. Or take one of their courses and become an expert at applying and taking care of synthetic dreadlock extensions. Not only do they provide you with extensive choice when it comes to extensions, they also offer many different hair care products to keep your extensions looking great. That is very convenient, since you can simply order everything you need from one online shop.