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How to find the perfect wedding rings

One of the most fun, but also most nerve-racking, moments in planning a wedding is the purchase of the wedding rings. There is a tremendous amount of choice in styles and materials. So how do you find the perfect model?

Wedding ring expert Wim Meeussen helps you find the perfect wedding rings with a couple of tips: 

Gold or silver?

Everything starts with the material. Most couples will pick a set of gold wedding rings, but silver ones can be a great choice too. They look a bit more modern, and are easier to match with other jewellery. Another advantage of silver weddings rings is that they are a bit cheaper than gold ones – which is good news for couples who are looking for a budget friendly wedding.

Yellow, white of pink gold?

Still prefer gold rings? Then you should know that there are several colors available. Everyone knows the classic yellow gold rings. But nowadays, a lot of brides and grooms buy white gold rings. They have a beautiful champagne color. Want something completely different? Buy a wedding ring in pink gold. That one is guaranteed to cause envious glances. 

One or multiple diamonds?

A wedding ring is not complete without diamonds (for the bride, at least). A big gemstone is a real eyecatcher. But you could also pick a ring design with multiple smaller diamonds. These add a bit more sparkle to the design. 

Don’t forget the engraving

Most couples add an engraving to their rings. For exemple the date of their wedding day, their initials or a short sentence that has a special meaning. An engraving will make the wedding rings even more personal. 

Pick the correct size

It’s actually impossible to buy a wedding ring online. Chances are you’ll end up with the wrong size. So it’s better to go to a local jewellery store, where they can measure your ring finger. This way you can be sure that the ring is not too big or too small.