NBA 2K18 – Expand your MyTeam collection with Milestones items

NBA 2K18 – Expand your MyTeam collection with Milestones items

Milestones set is a collection of cards that can be used in NBA 2K18 MyTeam. Players like Tim Duncan, Isaiah Thomas, and Kevin Garnett are part of this set.

NBA 2K18 players have a new set of MyTeam cards to start collecting. This is one of the latest game additions and, just like the previous ones, it brings new item cards that are meant to create more team building options. The theme of this collection is talented players that achieved outstanding feats throughout their career.

Kevin Garnet from Boston Celtics is one of the amethysts cards from this set. He has more than 25,000 scored points. Rebound and block are some of the best attributes of this highly versatile card. Players should know that Kevin Garnet is obtained as a reward for completing the entire set. So, before getting to him, players will obtain lots of other cards. Here are some of them.

Two emerald cards are available. Tim Duncan from San Antonio Spurs and Ramon Sessions from Milwaukee Bucks are the emerald cards. Duncan is a great defensive player while Sessions has good scoring. Sapphire cards are not missing from the Milestones set. Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets is an offensive sapphire player. His career milestones include a record for scoring the most number of points in Playoff games while being a teenager.

Shawn Bradley from Philadelphia 76ers has very good rebound and a record for blocks scored in his first game. Earl Monroe, Gerald Wallace, Alex English, and Brook Lopez are the other sapphire players. Isiah Thomas is one of the ruby players from this set. His scoring abilities got him into the Hall of Fame. He is also a good playmaker and performs well as a defensive player. Jack Sikma from the Seattle SuperSonics had an impressive number of more than 10,000 rebounds performed. Josh Smith has defense and athleticism as two of his best attributes. His career achievements include a record for the youngest NBA player that managed to block 1000 shots. Besides Garnet, there are two more amethyst players in this collection. Magic Johnson is one of the best playmakers while Hal Greer has fantastic scoring abilities. Besides the guide you need for your playing,the NBA 2K18 MT are most the important part of your playing, which can help to have a powerful team, to win more games, to have more funs.


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