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Small part time business ideas

Small part time business ideas


1. You Can Become a Youtube Content Creator …

Youtube is a super interesting video content marketing


Content Marketing is something that you as an online entrepreneur / content creator can build a large reach and it allows you to make a lot of impact on your target audience. Yet many startup entrepreneurs make a.

 platform that works through the popular Pull Marketing Strategy. When you publish a video you can be found without delay in its search engine marketing system and that means it is much more accessible than writing blogs for your own WordPress / Phoenix website.


Hello Entrepreneur! My name is Kevin from Online Future. Cool that you found my Review with Phoenix Experiences. I’ll describe very briefly what you’ll find in this article about the Phoenix Website Software….



You can (learn to) use Youtube to build your own personal brand and/or to promote/sell something else on the back end. In most cases you will need to buy cameras and a video editing laptop and learn how to work with Video Editing Tools like Magix Video Deluxe.


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; Adobe Premiere Pro; Davinci Pro; Pineaccle Studio or Final Cut Pro….


You can Create Content about your life; about a particular field or an out of control hobby. It can take a long time, but often in the long run there are many ways to make money from your traffic….


2. You can Create Video Animations for yourself or others….

Video Animations like Explainer Videos are a perfect way to tell an exciting story from home WITHOUT depending on conditions like light and image. You simply work from a software that allows you to build your own story.  You can do this, for example, via Video Animation Tools such as Doodly


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 (ideal choice!); Videoscribe or Toonly….


You can also create this type of content on commission for companies…. In the long run, you can also teach others how to create, edit and sell video animations. For example, you can use the Huddle to create an online academy


Building an Online Academy as an online entrepreneur is a great idea if you want to help your clients through online courses and live sessions! It can free you from the hourly bill hour revenue model and lead you to a.

 start with a video editing course in which you promote a video animation software based on the affiliate marketing revenue model


Affiliate Marketing is a form of advertising where the advertiser makes their online products available through an affiliate network. The affiliate network takes care of the technical processing and ensures that the.


3. You can become a Professional Video or Audio Editor

If you can learn to work with Video and Audio Editing Software like Magix Video Deluxe and your necessary skillset grows, that is interesting for creators of music / videos / radio programs or podcasts. You can almost always make money online and work from home via a powerful laptop. Usually these are jobs with a deadline that you pick up for an advertising agency and can do completely on your own.


It is also possible to start doing this for a single entrepreneur or a group of similar entrepreneurs. For example, on a trip in Malta I once met a Video Editor who edited Twitch Streams of Online Poker Players from raw footage to action-moment summaries. Examples like this can be found in all kinds of industries and can give you great freedom; partly because you’re only dealing with a few people….


You decide exactly your own terms and when to work in this job.


Earning money online by editing videos is possible if you have your own youtube channel or if you work for others! I’ll explain how it works….


4. You can become a Professional Subtitler for Video Productions

Many videographers / companies work as a team to make their productions. One of the things they often don’t want to do themselves is the subtitling process of their videos. This is a lengthy and precise process and in practice they will often want to outsource it so they can get on with more important things themselves.


If you have a good command of the language, you can easily take advantage of this by familiarizing yourself with video software and learning how to add subtitles. Then you can offer your services as a subtitler.


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